Vibration Test for Gamepads: How to Check if the Gamepad is Working or Not on PC

Vibration Test for Gamepads: How to Check if the Gamepad is Working or Not on PC


Vibration Test for Gamepads: How to Check if the Gamepad is Working or Not on PC

I own a gamepad. It’s a cheap one bought for nearly $5 through Amazon. It says it supports vibration in its description. I connected it to the computer and tried playing FIFA 14.

The vibration should work when the ball hit the crossbar/Post. But it does not vibrate. So it comes to my understanding that the game doesn't have this feature. Some people say it works and sometimes not.

Well, I still want to check if the gamepad is working or not. I searched the web. There are many answers to the same question. So I decided to write a guide since I didn’t find any written guide about this gamepad vibration. So I took the help of Controller Vibration Test site to write the guide.

So how to check the gamepad and vibration are working or not?

I’m currently using Windows 7 – 32 bit. The steps are the same for Windows 8. But the interface looks different on different OS.

1. First, connect your USB gamepad to your computer
2. In the ‘Start” menu  search “Set up USB game controllers” or “USB game.”

Next step is to select the “Set up USB game controllers

Gamepad menu in windows 7 starts

Then a window will open like this

Game control panel in windows 7

Calibration Function

You can see the type of controller listed there. In my case, it’s “USB Vibration Joystick”. Next, select the Properties buttonThen a new window will open like this. Here you can see the function test, calibration function, and vibration Test.


Now move the analog sticks and press every button on the gamepad. You can see the colors of the corresponding button flashes if it works

First, we need to set the vibration strength. I set it to 80% since that’s convenient for me. You can set it to any other value you prefer. Next, move the analog stick on your gamepad. You can feel the vibration on your hands if it works properly.

To check vibration is working precisely, first select “Left force” then “Right force” and finally “both force”. You can feel the vibration if the motor inside the joystick is working.

If the vibration is not working, then there is something wrong with your gamepad or motor/circuit inside.

During gaming

Some games do not support gamepad vibration. It depends on the game. So if the gamepad vibration is not working during gaming, then it does not mean the gamepad is faulty. Check the game description to see if it supports vibration or not.


It seems a lot of people having issues with gamepad vibration and the right analog stick is not working issue. If it's not working, it's either due to software (driver) issues or hardware issues.

Steps to solve these issues

1. Uninstall the current driver software. Download the latest and new driver from the official site.
2. Try running the clear calibration utility (which can be used for all gamepads) which can be downloaded from here - Click Here
3. Check gamepad is working properly
4. If not then calibrate again. the option to calibrate is under the 'settings' tab.

If the problem is still not resolved and persists, it might be due to faulty hardware. Then contact official support for a warranty.


If you're using a quantum QHM7468-2VA controller or any quantum QH... controller, I see a lot of people having issues with it where it works in the test but not in games.

I think this issue is generally plagued by that particular brand. the driver is not updated in ages as well which shows poor support and no words from their sides either.


I found this new soln on another site (Link external and use it at your own risk) and I didn't test it. According to it, this problem appears when you have joy.

Cpl files from the twin USB installer but some of the files are not placed during installation because windows reject them somehow so you need to delete and replace these files MANUAL for the vibrations to work on all EA Games.


1.What is a vibration test?

Vibration analysis is a process that monitors the levels and patterns of vibration signals within a component, machinery, or structure, to detect abnormal vibration events and to evaluate the overall condition of the test object.

2.How do I make my controller vibrate?
Select Settings >Devices & Accessories. Under “Controller”,“select”, “vibration.” You can then choose from one of three vibration settings: Off, Low, or High. How do I make my controller vibrate constantly?

3.What does gamepad vibration do?
The Xbox One controller and some other USB gamepad controllers have motors built in to provide haptic feedback.

Adding rumbles and vibrations can greatly enhance a game's experience and provide subtle feedback that is hard to convey through visuals or audio.

4.What causes controller vibration?
When the motor spins, the unevenness of the weight causes the controller to vibrate.

5.Why vibration testing is required?
There is a lot of influence from vibration in long-term driving and off-road driving.

Observation for durability and influence of vibration is an important process to obtain the reliability of products.

All of the possible environments that a car will experience in its lifetime are reproduced during vibration testing.

6.How do you measure vibration?
How do you measure vibration? Vibration is most commonly measured using a ceramic piezoelectric sensor or accelerometer.

An accelerometer is a sensor that measures the dynamic acceleration of a physical device as a voltage.

7.What is a vibration sensor?
Vibration sensors are piezoelectric accelerometers that sense vibration. They are used for measuring fluctuating accelerations or speeds or for normal vibration measurement.

8.How do you test a vibration sensor?
The output of the sensor is read using a multimeter. First, readings should be taken with no vibration.

The vibration level should then be increased at a given frequency until vibration levels reach the top of the measurement range for the sensor under test.

9.How do I make my controller constantly vibrate?
How do I make my PS4 controller vibrate with Fortnite? To make your PS4 controller vibrate with Fortnite, you'll need to go into the settings menu.

From there, select 'Accessory Settings' and then toggle the vibration on.

10.How do I calibrate my Xbox One controller?
To calibrate your Xbox One controller, you'll need to open the Settings menu.
From there, select Devices and then Controllers.
You should see an option to Calibrate Controller.
Select it and follow the on-screen instructions.